Skateboard Backpacks

Warehouse Skateboards has all the skateboard backpacks and bags from your favorite brands like Element, Creature and Chocolate. Whether you need a skateboard backpack to double as a bookbag, travel bag or just want a duffle from your favorite brand, we have the best selection from you to choose from in all different sizes, colors and patterns.

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187 Killer Pads Standard Issue Black Backpack
187 Killer Pads Standard Issue Charcoal Camo Backpack
187 Killer Pads Standard Issue Rainbow Backpack
Bumbag Deluxe Flanders Blue Plaid Fanny Pack
Chocolate Skateboards Mission Navy / Black Backpack
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Creature Skateboards Slaughter Outline Black Carry Bag
Enjoi Skateboards Dufflin Black Backpack
Ocean & Earth Carry on Wheel Black Travel Bag
Ocean & Earth Wetsuit Light Grey Waterproof Dry Bag - 35 Litres
Ocean & Earth Wetsuit Red Waterproof Dry Bag - 20 Litres
Revelry Supply The Continental 134L Black Duffle Bag