The Story Behind Warehouse Skateboards™

Warehouse Skateboards™ is something we always wished for as skaters … a place where you can check out the most comprehensive collection of skateboard gear for a great price shipped right to your door.

Founder and President Mike Duncan has always been a punk rock skater kid – vert ramps and pools are his favorite skate spots. In 2004, he founded the skateboard shop he always wanted – a huge warehouse with all the gear skaters need from the most innovative grassroots skate companies and the top brands.

No one knows skate gear better than skaters, and our expert staff is ready to answer your questions. Whether you’re looking for some help putting together your first skateboard or you’re a pro who’s been building custom boards for years, we’ll help you find exactly what you need. Experienced skaters are available Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm for live chat sessions to answer your questions.

For skaters who know exactly what they want, Warehouse Skateboards™ is the easiest way to get it. From the latest skateboard decks and wheels to the coolest threads, Warehouse Skateboards™ carries everything you need all in one place. With a wide selection from so many brands, assembling the perfect board for your skating style is simple. Just pick your parts, and we’ll assemble your board and send it right to your door.

“Your customer satisfaction is our top priority. We want to make sure your experience with Warehouse Skateboards™ is positive so you’ll tell your friends about us! Now get out there and rip it up!” –Mike Duncan, President

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