Warehouse Skateboards Affiliate Program

Earn revenue with your web presence by sending customers to Warehouseskateboards.com from your site.

Join the Warehouse Skateboards Affiliate Program. Earn revenue with your web presence by featuring Warehouse Skateboards products on your site and sending them to the most comprehensive skateboard store on the web.

Established in 2004, Warehouse Skateboards is both a cutting-edge e-commerce site and a leader in online action sports e-commerce. Our site is the most visible skate shop on the internet, optimized daily for both ease of navigation and high conversion. And there's not a quality, legit skateboard brand we don't carry.

Here are some of our store features:

  • 100% orders are made online (no phone orders)
  • Daily customer service, including live chat, from 8am-5pm EST
  • Guaranteed shipping within 48 hours
  • Real-time inventory; all products are in stock and ready to ship
  • Free shipping of any order over $89
  • $110 average order
  • Regularly updated creative
  • We carry all the Best Brands in the Skateboarding Industry

We offer two networks for our Affiliates to choose from, both have a great deal to offer.

We've partnered with AvantLink.com to offer you a robust set of Affiliate tools free of charge. Our affiliate network technology will help you maintain accurate campaign information and work more efficiently.

Here are some key benefits of the Warehouse Skateboards Affiliate Marketing Program:

  • 7% flat rate commission
  • 120-day cookie duration: get paid up to 4 months after the click
  • Constant maintenance of an accurate data feed with 8K plus skate products
  • Dedicated affiliate program manager
  • Daily Deals and sales feed
  • Frequent promotions and daily new products
  • Custom artwork and banners available for affiliates

AvantLink Affiliate Network


How is AvantLink different from other Affiliate networks? AvantLink combines innovation, quality and service to offer powerful integrated technology to qualified Affiliates free of charge. AvantLink has a unique approach to performance marketing. AvantLink only partners with high-value web retailers who supply product catalogs on a percentage of sale arrangement.

If you have any questions about Warehouseskateboards.com or Avantlink, do not hesitate to contact us by email: [email protected].

Terms and Conditions

Protected Keywords
We prohibit the use of our company name and any misspelling or variations thereof, including but not limited to: WarehouseSkateboards.com, Warehouse Skateboards, Skateboard Warehouse, Warehouse Skate and Skate Warehouse.

Recommended Keywords
Skateboards, Skateboarding, Skate Clothing, Decks, Complete Skateboards, Wheels, Trucks, Longboards, Downhill Skateboards, Skateboard Pads...and the list goes on and on.

Pay Per Click Bidding
Warehouseskateboards.com is the premier online dealer for the top skateboard gear manufacturers. We are able to carry the best brands in the sport because our website exceeds these companies standards for brand representation and accurate marketing. While we allow PPC bidding, when bidding on Pay Per Click Search Engines, Publishers may not bid on warehouseskateboards.com, misspellings or variations of our trademarked company name in pay per click search engines. All publisher links must go to a publisher owned URL and may not go directly to warehouseskateboards.com.

Brand Representation
Publishers may not represent themselves as Warehouseskateboards.com, or as a dealer for any of the brands we carry. They must have a unique URL that does not contain Warehouseskateboards.com, trademarked brand names or any misspellings or variations of our name or trademarked names. Publishers may not serve any Warehouse Skateboard products through their shopping cart.

Pop-Up, Pop-Under, Re-Directs and Software
Publishers may not use site re-directs, pop-ups or pop-unders that link to our site. We do not allow publishers to use customer downloaded programs of any type to promote Warehouseskateboards.com. Using software of any kind to promote Warehouseskateboards.com products is strictly prohibited.

Publishers may use Warehouseskateboards.com content (including but not limited to reviews, copy, and images) exclusively to promote Warehouseskateboards.com site. Because our content is produced entirely in-house, Publishers may not utilize Warehouseskateboards.com content on any page to promote any other company.

Because we are extremely cautious with our brand and the brands we represent we ask that publishers adhere closely to these requirements. We have a long-standing reputation of supporting our publishers, and are here to help our publishers achieve success. Please call upon us for any assistance.

Affiliate Network Tools

Data Feed
We also offer a very robust (+10,000 products) data feed to our affiliates. This feed is available through our networks to help you populate your pages with our products. This is one of the most powerful tools we offer and has a high conversion ratio.

We have many different tools to help you promote our store on your website. In our affiliate program, we offer many different banners and text links advertising our monthly deals and popular products.

Text Links
Text links are another popular way to advertise Warehouse Skateboards. Unlike banners, text links are less obtrusive and a more subtle form of advertising on your webpage. These are a great converting tool because they contain concise, straight to the point messages.

Deal of the day
One product every day at the lowest price. Check out our deal of the day offer that we run as a continuous promotion. Every day, we take a popular product and further discount it for 24 hours. This is a very powerful promotion that yields a high conversion rate. Our affiliates can take this tool to the extra level by incorporating it into our data feed. If you are using Avantlink, you have access to a dynamic version of the DOTD that continually updates on your website!

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