Venom Standard Neon Red Skateboard Bushings - 90a

Venom Standard Neon Red Skateboard Bushings - 90a


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Venom Standard Neon Red Skateboard Bushings - 90a

These 90a Venom Standard Neon Red Skateboard Bushings - 90a will keep your skateboard trucks flexible and adaptable. Made by Venom from high-quality materials, they provide flexibility and easy adaptability for your skateboard trucks. The typical skateboard truck has two bushings on each truck, one that keeps the truck springy for easy turns and a smaller one beneath the kingpin that is easily tightened or loosened to adapt to your style. Tighter trucks work best for mastering tricks while looser trucks are best for carving down the street. Venom Standard Neon Red Skateboard Bushings - 90a give you the best ride every time - hands down! Be sure to change your bushings frequently in order to keep your skateboard responsive to your personal skateboarding style.


  • One (1) Venom Standard Neon Red Skateboard Bushings - 90a from Venom
  • Hardness: 90a
  • Color: Neon Red
  • Keep skateboard trucks flexible and adaptable 
  • Made from high-quality materials and built to last 

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How to Buy Skateboard Bushings

What skateboard truck bushings do I need?

Skateboard bushings are rubbery-like rings that fit into the skateboard trucks. Each skateboard truck usually has two bushings. The bushings are placed between the baseplate and the hanger and provide the cushion mechanism for turning the skateboard. To be specific, one of the bushings provides the flexibility and turning capabilities of the skateboard truck, while the other allows the trucks to be loosened or tightened depending on your personal preferences. Some riders tend to like their skateboard trucks tight, to better perform ticks. The stiffer the bushings, the more resistant the skateboard is to turning. Other skaters choose to loosen their skateboard trucks for street riding or cruising.

To determine the hardness of the skateboard bushings, we refer to the durometer. Skateboard bushing durometer is usually measured on a Durometer A Scale which goes from 1-100 to measure hardness. Some companies use the B Scale which measures 20 points lower, allowing the scale to be extended by 20 points for harder bushings. So an 80b durometer is the same as 100a durometer.

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