Transworld Skateboarding Substance DVD

Transworld Skateboarding Substance DVD

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TransWorld SKATEboarding is proud to introduce its 27th full-length video, Substance, featuring Davis Torgerson, Dolan Stearns, Tom Karangelov, Tristan Funkhouser, and Jon Nguyen. Making a conscious decision to free himself of any self-imposed limitations as to what a TransWorld video “has to be,” filmmaker Chris Thiessen embarked on a worldwide mission alongside the Substance crew to make a stand-alone full-length with a life and feel completely of its own. And with the beautifully unique results of the video premiering directly after the 18th Annual Transworld Skateboarding awards, Substance is bound to carve a niche of it’s own amongst the vast Transworld Skateboarding video library.

Featured Riders:

  • Davis Torgerson
  • Dolan Stearns
  • Tom Karangelov
  • Tristan Funkhouser
  • Jon Nguyen

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