Standard Hardware Speed Washers Black -100 Pack

Standard Hardware Speed Washers Black -100 Pack

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Standard Hardware Speed Washers Black -100 Pack

Keep your bearing safe with these Standard Hardware Speed Washers Black -100 Pack! Don't let your new bearings rub against the truck hangar and axle nut, protect them with washers! You'll not only extend the life of your bearings, but you'll also ride smoother than ever. Only you washers can prevent forest fires bearing wear and tear.

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How to Buy Skateboard Hardware

Skateboard hardware, also known as mounting hardware, is used to connect the skateboard trucks to the skateboard deck. Skateboard hardware refers to the nuts, bolts, locknuts, and screws used when building a skateboard. The screws can have an Allen or Phillips head. Skateboard hardware comes in many different lengths, and often includes one different colored bolt so that the rider can mark the nose of the skateboard.

Skateboard Hardware at Warehouse Skateboards

Each skateboard hardware set includes 8 bolts and 8 locknuts. The set will be used to attach the skateboard truck to the skateboard deck. If you are looking to buy bolts and locknuts individually, you can certainly purchase them that way as well by searching our skateboard hardware inventory from low to high price.

What size hardware do I need to put together my skateboard?

7/8" to 1" hardware - no riser
1" to 1 1/8" hardware - 1/8" riser
1 1/4" hardware - 1/4" riser
1 1/2" hardware - 1/2" riser

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