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About Ricta Wheels

When it comes to superior quality, performance, and durability, you cannot beat Ricta! Based out of Santa Cruz, California, Ricta has set the standard for skateboard wheels in the industry since 2002. Their wheels are a higher quality alternative for skaters that want the very best in construction, speed, and precision. Ricta skateboard wheels offer a controlled ride and long-lasting performance. They have many wheel types to choose from, all offering unique attributes specific to different styles of riding. Their Speedrings model offers fast speed without noise. They are also made to withstand the abuse of landing trick after trick. Ricta Crushers wheels are constructed with a newer urethane formula that allows for a smoother ride. Their Clouds model wheels are able to take on any rough terrain when cruising. Made from their White Lightning Urethane formula, Ricta Chrome Core wheels are slim, lightweight, and more resistant to flat spots than any other wheel on the market. Their Optix wheels are clear tinted and not only sparkle, but also are fast and durable. No matter what kind of skating you do, you'll be sure to find the color, design, and performance you want from Ricta skateboard wheels. Ricta also has an assortment of logo stickers. Stick them to your board, backpack, notebook, and more. You can never have too many Ricta skateboard stickers! When it’s time for you to design your perfect ride, Ricta will not disappoint you.

If you’re searching for skateboard wheels, you won’t find anything better than Ricta. Find the right set of wheels for your riding style and feel the difference.


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