Powell Peralta Steve Caballero Dragon Colby Fade Skateboard Deck - 8.75" x 32.95"

Powell Peralta Steve Caballero Dragon Colby Fade Skateboard Deck - 8.75" x 32.95"

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Powell Peralta Steve Caballero Dragon Colby Fade Skateboard Deck - 8.75" x 32.95"

This Powell Peralta deck measures 8.75" wide x 32.95" long and is ideal for every skill level, from beginner to pro. The crew at Warehouse Skateboards knows this Dragon deck by Powell Peralta is rock-solid with tons of pop and ready for a staircase, pool, or parked car near you.


  • One (1) Powell Peralta Steve Caballero Dragon Colby Fade Skateboard Deck from Powell Peralta 
  • Deck Size: 8.75" width x 32.95" length
  • Powell Peralta Steve Caballero Dragon Colby Fade Skateboard Deck is ideal for every skill level from beginner to pro
  • Predrilled holes for easy skate truck assembly
  • Includes Warehouse Skateboards stickers in every order
  • 100% guaranteed authentic

NOTE: Grip tape not included and must be ordered separately



Spoon Nose II, A re-issue of the classic Powell-Peralta® Golden Age mold we made the original Bones Brigade’s decks from. Features a spoon nose kick tail with slight concave on the kick tail intended for making 10" x 30" style decks.
Maximum wheel base—17.25 inches. Non-symmetrical nose to tail.


A double kick nose with extra deep concave that adds significant stiffness to a deck. This allows us to reduce a K12 deck’s thickness and weight without losing pop and response. It also features a steep, flat nose and tail.
Maximum wheel base—14.50 inches. Non-symmetrical nose to tail.


Consider this an upgrade that replaces the K10 concave. A double kick nose with deeper, smoother concave, longer wheelbase, concave kick on nose and tail and a scoop tail for a more secure foot placement without feeling trapped. A big boy version of the K12 allowing all terrain ripping with the stability of a longer wheelbase. Less wheel bite because the steeper concave goes out to the edge of the board.
Maximum wheel base—15.75" Non symmetrical nose to tail.


This is like our K12 with a shorter wheelbase for smaller skaters.
Maximum wheel base—12.25 inches. Non-symmetrical nose to tail.


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