Omen Boards Natural Industry DT Cruiser Skateboard Deck - 9.5" x 41.5"

Omen Boards Natural Industry DT Cruiser Skateboard Deck - 9.5" x 41.5"

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Omen Boards Natural Industry DT Cruiser Skateboard Deck - 9.5" x 41.5"

This sweet Omen cruiser deck is the perfect platform for you to customize your very own build. Measuring 9.5" wide x 41.5" long, Warehouse Skateboards guarantees it's up for cruising to class or grabbing a bite, just as soon as you load it up with all our best hardware and swag.


  • One (1) Omen Boards Natural Industry DT Cruiser Skateboard Deck from Omen 
  • Deck Size: 9.5" width x 41.5" length
  • Omen Boards Natural Industry DT Cruiser Skateboard Deck is suitable for every skill level from beginner to pro
  • Predrilled holes for easy skate truck assembly
  • NOTE: Grip tape not included and must be ordered separately

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How to Choose a Longboard Construction Type


Maple is the most common skateboard material. Maple is very durable and reliable. The maple construction creates a very solid, thick set up that will last an extremely long time, even through the hardest of skateboarding.


Bamboo skateboards are becoming more and more popular. The bamboo material offers more flex than that of maple. This material is perfect for cruising and carving the streets because it lightweight and has lots of flex. Much thinner than a maple deck, a bamboo board is great for transportation.

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Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is the most expensive material for a longboard skateboard. With a foam core to lighten the weight, carbon fiber boards are designed to help you push off the start line faster and move effortlessly around turns and slides. More often than not, you will see experienced riders using carbon fiber skateboards.

Types of Longboard Skateboards

Longboard Cruisers and Carving Skateboard Decks


The majority of people use a longboard as a means of transportation around town, making cruising and carving the streets the most popular form of longboarding today. Longboards tend to make carving streets much easier, because they provide a rider with greater weight distribution on the skateboard deck. This form of riding is focused more on getting from point A to point B, rather than speed.

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Longboard Slide and Freeriding Skateboard Decks


Downhill racing is not for beginners. You can reach extremely high speeds when boarding, and wipeouts are "the normal." Downhill skateboards tend to be flat and have long wheel bases to provide for greater stability. When selecting a downhill board, it is important to choose a deck that is stable at high speeds and doesn't offer a lot of flex. As a reminder, it is vital that you wear protective gear when doing downhill racing. Not just a skateboard helmet, but protective skateboard pads as well.

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Boardwalking is a popular freestyle skating, where a rider can do tricks and maneuver well on the skateboard deck. These longboards are typically between 40" and 60" in length and have a concave center with a kick tail or nose.

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