OC Ramps Gallon of Skatepaint

OC Ramps Gallon of Skatepaint

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OC Ramps Gallon of Skatepaint

Protect your wooden skateboard ramp from weather and abuse with OC Ramps Gallon of Skatepaint. OC Ramps offers the only paint on the market designed specifically for wooden ramps. No other sealant/polyurethane paint matches the quality and perfection of OC Ramps Gallon of Skatepaint. It’s easy to apply and your ramp will be ready to ride in just 24 hours.


  • OC Ramps single component, air cured, polyurethane covering
  • Apply with a paint roller, cures in 24 hours
  • No mixing or combining chemicals, just pour and paint!
  • Protects your ramp from the weather and abuse
  • Provides a clear, completely water resistant coating for your skate ramp

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