Matunas Cool Surf Wax

Matunas Cool Surf Wax

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Matunas Cool Surf Wax

Since 1998, our wax is the only 100% Natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, eco-friendly surf wax, made using local organic ingredients in California straight from the farm.

If you're surfing in water that is between 58F and 68F degrees, cool wax is for you! This will keep the wax from melting off your board in warmer temps. Wax is important because it keeps you from slipping off your board, so buying the right kind is important! 

For those of you in cooler climates, this Matunas Cool Surf Wax is a great choice. Made with a tried-and-true formula, it's slip proof, easy to apply, and won't melt off. Take your skills to the next level with the premier surfboard wax from Matunas. You’ll never want to surf without it again!  


  • One (1) bar of Matunas Cool Surf Wax 
  • Ideal for water temps between 58F and 68F
  • Slip proof and easy to apply
  • Helps keep your feet planted firmly on the board
  • Made with Matunas’s tried-and-true formula

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