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Latest Skateboards

Enjoi Resin 7 Cartoon Panda Skateboard Deck - 8" x 31.7"
Chocolate Jerry Hsu Lupitas Skateboard Deck - 8" x 31.5"
Fancy Lad VHS Skateboard Deck - 8" x 32"
Mystery Munich Skateboard Deck - 8.25" x 32.25"
Baker Stacked Blue / Yellow Skateboard Deck - 7.75" x 31.5"
Anti Hero Tony Trujillo Business As Usual Skateboard Deck - 8.06" x 32"
Element Twig Twig Logo Skateboard Deck - 7.62" x 30.25"
Bustin Boards Maestro Pro TC Monkey Black Longboard Skateboard Deck - 9.5" x 39.7"
Cliche Hanalei Brown / Green Complete Skateboard - 7.75" x 31.5"
Element Brandon Westgate Featherlight Script Skateboard Deck - 8.25" x 31.75"
Landyachtz Carve 2015 Longboard Skateboard Deck - 9.3" x 40.35"
Darkstar Revolt Red / Blue Complete Skateboard - 8" x 32"
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New Skateboard Accessories

Thunder Hollow-Lights Crusade 145mm Hi Rootbeer / Green Skateboard Trucks - 7.6" Axle
Bones Wheels Rodney Mullen Street Tech Formula Vato OP Skateboard Wheels - 53mm 83b (Set of 4)
Bones Wheels Josh Hawkins Street Tech Formula Vato OP Skateboard Wheels - 54mm 83b (Set of 4)
Spitfire 80HD Bighead Speedies Clear / Red Skateboard Wheels - 56mm 80d (Set of 4)
Krux Forged Screaming Hand 5.35" Hi Blue / Blue Skateboard Trucks - 8" Axle
Shark Wheels Mako White Longboard Wheels - 70mm 80a (Set of 4)
Spitfire Mark Gonzales Kriminal White Skateboard Wheels - 52mm 99a (Set of 4)
New Item
Seismic Aeon 45 Degrees 180mm Hi Black / Silver Longboard Trucks - 9.75" Axle
Bones Wheels Filipe Gustavo Street Tech Formula Bridge Skateboard Wheels - 50mm 83b (Set of 4)
Cadillac Khana Purple Longboard Wheels - 66mm 86a (Set of 4)
Gullwing Pro III Ba.KU 159mm Hi Flat Black Skateboard Trucks - 8.75" Axle
Spitfire Darren Navarette Creepers White Skateboard Wheels - 54mm 99a (Set of 4)
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New Skate Clothing

New Item
Spitfire Bighead Heather Grey / Blue Large T-Shirt
Doomsayers Club Snake Shake White Small Pocket T-Shirt
Creature Mota Spider Black Dye Large T-Shirt
New Item
Diamond Athletic Club Red Small T-Shirt
DGK Crackle Black Large Tank Top
New Item
DGK Blowing Clouds White Small T-Shirt
New Item
Diamond OG Script Red / White Small T-Shirt
Zoo York Kings Drop Kings Black Medium T-Shirt
Penny Cyan / Light Blue / Grey Skate Backpack
DGK 24/7 Yellow Large T-Shirt
Independent Intersect White X-Large T-Shirt
Thunder Less Filling Athletic Heather X-Large T-Shirt

Skateboards - Skateboard Decks & More!

Your Dream Skateboard Come to Life

At Warehouse Skateboards, we mean it when we say you can find or customize your ultimate dream skateboard. That’s why when you browse through our site, you’ll find everything you need, including skateboard decks, skateboard trucks and skateboard wheels. And of course, if you’re not into customizing, we’ve got plenty of complete skateboards to choose from. When it comes to customizing skateboards or longboards, it’s all in the details. Regardless of your skating ability, Warehouse Skateboards has what you need to build a pretty sick ride. With over 300 skateboard brands to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding exactly what you want to make your ideal skateboard come to life.

Build a Custom Skateboard - Create your Own!

Ready to build your dream skateboard? It’s easy! You can browse through our site to check out the selection or you can use our skateboard builder. As with any skateboard customization, everything begins with the deck. Skateboard decks are typically made from 7-ply wood and designed for street, vert and tricks. If you’re unsure about what skateboard size you should get, just use our skateboard sizing chart. Choosing the right skateboard also depends on your preference of the shape and the materials it’s made out of. After you’ve chosen your deck, move on to our selection of skateboard trucks. They’re one of the most important key components when it comes to how skateboards perform. The next component to focus on is skateboard wheels. Without the wheels, you’re not moving anywhere! Typically made from polyurethane, skateboard wheels come in various diameters and durometers to suit your riding style and preference. Once you’ve selected your wheels, it’s time for skateboard bearings. They come in different ABEC rated styles, which determines their quality and precision. Ceramic skateboard bearings are also available.

Now that you have the basic skateboard components, it’s time to move on to the final touches. Applied directly onto your deck, our skateboard grip tape selection includes dozens of styles and colors to choose from. You can also customize your skateboard hardware to match the other parts of your skateboard. If you want to give your skateboard some lift, check out our selection of skateboard riser pads. They help prevent wheel bite, which can make you unexpectedly eat it!

Complete Skateboards - Pre-Assembled Skateboards

We understand that taking the time to customize skateboards is not everybody’s favorite thing to do. That’s why we have plenty of complete skateboards ready to go! Equipped with the skateboard deck, skateboard trucks, skateboard wheels, skateboard bearings, skateboard hardware and skateboard grip tape, all you need to do is choose the complete you can picture riding.

Skateboard Clothing - Look the Part

Your skateboard is ready and it’s time to ride. How about some skateboard clothing to go along with it? From your favorite branded skateboard t-shirts to skateboard hats, we’ve got everything to gear you up for some intense skateboarding sessions. This goes for our female skaters as well. Warehouse Skateboards also has a large selection of women’s skateboard clothing for our hardcore lady shredders. Skateboarding just isn’t the same without some awesome skate threads to show off your moves!

Grab Your Skateboard - and Get Skating

No matter what your style, Warehouse Skateboards has the skateboards you need for your skating lifestyle. What are you waiting for? Dream It. Build It. Skate It.

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