Holiday Gift Ideas
Young Skaters Ages 6-12

Holiday Gift Ideas for Young Skaters Ages 6-12

As a parent or somebody unfamiliar with skateboarding, it can be tricky to know what products to buy the young skater in your life. There are tons of brands to consider, different size products, and a seemingly never-ending list of options when it comes to style and design. In order to help make your gift-buying process easier, we created this buying guide for skaters between ages 6-12. The products on this list are the ideal size for this age group and are popular amongst current skaters.

Complete Skateboards - Pre-assembled and ready to skate!

Completes are the perfect gift for any skater, because it comes with everything that they need to shred right out of the box. Complete skateboards range in size, but the best sizes for young skaters tend to have decks between 7”-7.3” wide. Along with the deck, a complete skateboard includes grip tape, trucks, wheels, bearings, and hardware – all assembled and ready to go. For a complete skateboard they’re guaranteed to love, check out our top selling completes for young skaters below! Not sure about size? Take a look at our Deck Guide to make sure you get them the perfect size ride.

Top Selling Completes

Darkstar Skateboards Woods Yellow Mini Complete Skateboard - 7" x 29"
MSRP $74.95

Skateboard Decks for ages 6-12 (shoe size 4-8 mens).

If the young skater in your life already has a set of wheels and trucks, a new deck is a great way freshen up their ride! The ideal deck for a younger skater comes in at around 7”-7.3” in width, but that can vary depending on the size of the skater. For a full list of skateboard decks that are sure to impress the young skater in your life, check out our guide below! Check out our deck sizing guide to make sure you get the perfect size!

Top Selling Decks

Meow Skateboards Logo Mini Purple Skateboard Deck - 7.25" x 29"
Darkstar Skateboards Insignia Aqua Skateboard Deck - 7.25" x 29.2"
Moonshine Skateboards Kill Your Idols Dead Pooh Cruiser Skateboard Deck - 7.25" x 27.5"
Blind Skateboards OG Oval Blue Skateboard Deck - 7" x 29"

Skateboard Wheels that will keep your kid under the speed limit.

Wheels are one of the most important aspects of skateboarding, but it’s equally important that they look great too! We put together a list of wheels that look killer and check all of the technical boxes for a great ride, so you can be sure you’re getting them a set of wheels that they love. It’s also important to make sure that you get them the proper size wheels, depending on their current setup. Check out our super quick guide to wheel sizing to make sure you nail it!

Top Selling Wheels

Enjoi Skateboards Splatter Panda White / Blue Skateboard Wheels - 52mm 99a (Set of 4)
Darkstar Skateboards Checker White / Mint Skateboard Wheels - 51mm 99a (Set of 4)
Momentum Wheels V2 Spiral White / Yellow Skateboard Wheels - 50mm 101a (Set of 4)
Powerflex Skateboards Gumball White Skateboard Wheels - 52mm 83b (Set of 4)

Skateboard Trucks must fit the board!

For those that aren’t well-versed in skateboarding terms, trucks are a critical part of any board that connect the wheels with the deck. We put together a list of trucks that ride smooth, look great, and can hold up to whatever your skater throws at them! For more information about truck sizing, take a look at our full truck sizing guide.

Top Selling Trucks

Mini Logo Black / Raw Skateboard Trucks - 4.57" Hanger 7.13" Axle
Mini Logo Raw Trucks with 53mm White 90a A-Cut Wheels Combo - 4.57" Hanger 7.13" Axle
Tracker Trucks 109mm Classic Fultrack Silver Skateboard Trucks - 4.25" Hanger 7.0" Axle

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