Gear Aid Wetsuit Silicone Spray 7 oz Lubricant & Protectant

Gear Aid Wetsuit Silicone Spray 7 oz Lubricant & Protectant

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Silicone Spray by M Essentials™ is the only silicone lubricant you need. Just spray it on your dive equipment to protect it from the harmful effects of saltwater. Our food-grade silicone formula preserves rubber gaskets and neoprene, to make expensive dive gear last longer.

Use as an O-ring lubricant, a rubber conditioner, and a wetsuit lubricant, too. Spray your wetsuit with Silicone Spray, and you’ll slide right in without any hassle.

Lubricate sensitive rubber parts and protect neoprene dive equipment from salt, corrosion and oxidation, with M Essentials Silicone Spray.

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