Footprint Insoles Kingfoam Elite Hi Kittybabe Girl Shoe Insoles - S/4-8

Footprint Insoles Kingfoam Elite Hi Kittybabe Girl Shoe Insoles - S/4-8

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Footprint Insoles Kingfoam Elite Hi Kittybabe Girl Shoe Insoles - S/4-8

Need more cushion for the pushin’? These Footprint Insoles Kingfoam Elite Hi Kittybabe Girl Shoe Insoles will do the trick! Just slip them into your shoes for added support, and it'll feel like you're walking on clouds.


  • One (1) Footprint Insoles Kingfoam Elite Hi Kittybabe Girl Shoe Insoles from Footprint
  • Adds cushioning and support to your shoes

This model has the latest kingfoam formula and has a life expectancy for 5-8 months for heavy skating or years for snowboarding and absorbs more impact than ever. Newly updated with fabric protection for the forefoot pad and new fabric glue for maximum durability. 

The world's best insoles are Footprint insoles.

kingfoam orthotics support your arch from overpronation which can drastically reduce soreness and prevent injury. Impact is a thing of the past. The kingfoam dual density arch will custom shape to your foot and the foam compression resistance will provide excellent support. Your shoe will fit like a glove.

High Density Memory Foam Nanotechnology
This unique formulation of Kingfoam contains 3 times the amount of material per mm of thickness than all other foams on the market. This same foam is used in military tanks and submarines to protect soldiers from blasts!

The unique feeling of this material is likened to “walking on a cloud”

Durability for Impact after Impact
A two month old FP Insole will still absorb more energy than a brand new insole from any competitor.

The memory feature allows the padding to return to its original state impact after impact. In lab testing, all other insoles quickly showed worse and worse performance after multiple impacts while FP Insoles continued to perform like new after repeated heavy impacts.

Open Cell
Being an open cell foam allows moisture to evaporate and not get trapped inside the insole which leads to fungal and bacterial growth.

All it takes to clean FP Insoles is hot water and the sun.

PROVEN Performance
While nearly all aftermarket insoles use keywords like “shock absorption” or “Impact Protection”, most actually perform no better than stock shoe insoles. FP Insoles is the only insole to truly demonstrate the level of performance. Just watch any of our test videos or try it yourself at home.

Because FP insoles have viscoelastic (memory foam) properties, once broken in ( 2-3 days) they will allow your foot to sink into and feel the concave of your board better than typical insoles.

No competitor compares to the military grade nanotechnology foam in FP insoles, painkillers socks, knee and elbow protectors.

Breaking them in 
It can take up to 5 days to break in the arch if you have flat feet. Although it can feel awkward at first if you have never had orthotics, once they fully break in, you'll never want to go back to flat insoles.

This insole is used by so many pro skaters that are not officially on the team and even by doctors and military! They absorb so much impact you can drop raw brown eggs on them. Try it- Wear your sole for about 15 minutes until it warms to your body temperature, remove your sole and drop a raw brown egg from waist high. It will bounce off. Footprint will drop from twice as high or more before breaking.

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