Black Widow Clear Griptape - 9" x 33"

Black Widow Clear Griptape - 9" x 33"

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Black Widow Clear Griptape - 9" x 33"

Spice up your grip tape with some custom graphics! This Black Widow Clear Griptape is 9" x 33" professional quality Black Widow grip tape. Formulated with long-lasting glue to provide the best stick, this grip tape is just as functional as it is rad. Be sure to measure your board to make sure this piece will fit your ride! 


  • One (1) sheet of Clear Premium Black Widow Clear Griptape from Black Widow
  • Sheet Size: 9" x 33"
  • Formulated with long-lasting glue to provide the best grip
  • Perfect, fine-grit texture and smooth cutting
  • Great for skateboards, cruisers, longboards, and more 


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Customer Questions

How to Buy Skateboard Grip Tape

Grip tape is sold in single sheets that are 9" X 33". The bottom of the sheet will peel off, revealing a very sticky underside that will stick to the top of the skateboard deck. Once applied to your skateboard, use a box cutter or razor blade to cut your grip tape to fit your skateboard deck exactly.

Skateboard Grip Tape at Warehouse Skateboards

What is skateboard grip tape?

Grip tape is a gritty, sandpaper-like material that is applied with adhesive to the top of the skateboard deck to provide traction. Grip tape allows the rider's feet to grip the surface of the skateboard deck and helps the skater stay on the board while doing tricks. Warehouse Skateboards offers a variety of colors and patterns of grip tape. Grip tape can be used to brighten a board, add texture, and express your personal style. While grip tape is most often found in black, it is available in clear to allow you to show off a company logo, or die-cut to display a design and/or color of your skateboard deck.

If you still have questions about skateboard grip tape, please visit our Skateboard Grip Tape Buying and Installation Guide.

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