Shark Wheels

About Shark Wheels

Forget everything you know about skateboarding because Shark Wheels is about to blow your mind. Established in 2012, the Los Angeles, California-based brand has produced the first and only high friction/low friction wheel. The best part? Their wheels aren’t your typical shape. Intersecting a square, cube, and three-dimensional sine waves, Shark Wheels are based on the shape of shark jaws, which is a common pattern found throughout nature. Passionate skater and founder David M. Patrick uncovered this inspiration while studying the natural sciences and used it to create Shark Wheels, which provide one of the quickest rides with unbelieveable slide control. Now, thanks to Shark Wheels, staying home on rainy days is a thing of the past - their wheels are built with better grip for inclement weather. Designed with thin contact patches, Shark Wheels have less rolling resistance and faster speeds. Their sine wave pattern funnels debris aside instead of “steamrolling,” which allows for firmer contact with the ground. Hydroplaning is significantly reduced due to the alternating pattern of grooves. And with rounded, outer edges, Shark Wheels are perfect to ride over any terrain, whether hard or soft. Shark Wheels come in a variety of vibrant, neon colors to make your skateboard stand out. In addition to wheels, the company also sells a selection of complete longboards, cruisers, trucks, bearings, and hardware.

Are you ready to go pro with Shark Wheels? Skateboarding has never been this insane!

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