3D Fins Josh Kerr Darkside Carbon Based 6.0 FCS Fin System

3D Fins Josh Kerr Darkside Carbon Based 6.0 FCS Fin System

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The 6.0 is one of the most popular templates ever made by 3D Fins. For the first time, 3D Fins has now remade the 6.0 template with a carbon base. This design combined with dimples makes this an absolute must have fin. The 6.0 template has less rake and a wider base, creating maximum drive, amazing response and a ridiculous amount of speed. From hard powerful bottoms to vertical launches, this fin set has you covered. The carbon base of these fins adds strength and stiffness to the lower section, while allowing the upper section of the fins to flex. 


  • Carbon Fiber / Fiberglass / Hexcore Construction
  • Surfer Size: 132-187 lbs
  • Side Fin Height: 4.56"
  • Center Fin Height: 4.40"
  • FCS Fin Base

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