Triple 8 Roller Derby Wristsaver Black Large Wrist Guards


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Designed for the all around skater, Triple 8 sets the industry standard with the Street Pad series. High grade durable fabrics, EVA cup foam, and polycarbonate full coverage caps provide complete protection without restricting the necessary movement needed to perform.


  • Triple 8's slim cut and low profile made to wear under your clothes while at the same time providing that necessary protection for going huge for wherever you're skating.
  • New Triple 8 technology gives you the freedom of movement you've always wanted in a pad.
  • High-grade fabrics, cup interior foam and full coverage caps make these pads a great value.

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Triple 8 Roller Derby Wristsaver Wrist Guards
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Skateboard Wrist Guards Sizing Chart

Choosing skateboard wrist guards

Skateboard wrist guards help to protect and support your wrists. They provide maximum shock absorption protection when skateboarding. Wrist guards are fully padded, durable, flexible and easy to wrap around your wrist to ensure a tight fit.

Skateboard Wrist Guard Sizing Chart

Wrist guards can be worn by beginners who are just getting started, or pros who are looking to be aggressive and learn new skateboarding tricks and stunts. Warehouse Skateboards offers a wide selection of skateboard wrist guards perfect for any level skater. While most wrist guards are adjustable, it is still very important to accurately measure your hand and knuckles to guarantee a solid fit.

Properly measuring for skateboard wrist guards

To measure your hand for correct wrist guard sizing, measure around the four knuckles at the widest point, excluding the thumb.

Skateboard wrist guard sizing chart

Small Medium Large X-Large
Hand Width 5" - 6" 6" - 7.5" 7.5" - 9" 9" - 11"

Check out our selection of skateboard wrist guards.
If you still have questions about skateboard wrist guards, please visit our Skateboard Wrist Guards Buying Guide.

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