PRO-TEC Lo-Pro Black X-Small Slide Gloves Downhill Slide Gloves


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Locate your weight to determine the corresponding size below. The pad should not restrict movement. With the pads on, test the range of motion by bending the leg at the knee or arm at the elbow, watching for restriction.

Junior Up to 100 lbs
Small 101 lbs - 125 lbs
Medium 126 lbs - 150 lbs
Large 151 lbs - 180 lbs
X-Large 181 lbs and Up

For exact measurements view the PRO-TEC SIZE CHART

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PRO-TEC Lo-Pro Slide Gloves Downhill Slide Gloves
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Skateboard Gloves / Slide Gloves Sizing Chart

Skateboard Gloves Sizing Chart

Choosing skateboard gloves

Skateboard gloves help to protect the fingers and palm of your hand. Skateboard gloves allow you to skate faster, push harder and maximize your control when riding. Gloves can be worn by beginners who are just getting started, or pros who are looking to be aggressive and learn new skateboarding tricks and stunts. Warehouse Skateboards offers a wide selection of skateboard gloves perfect for any level skater.

Properly measuring for skateboarding gloves

To measure your hand for correct glove sizing, measure around the palm of your hand at its fullest point, excluding the thumb.

Skateboard Gloves Sizing Chart

Small Medium Large X-Large
Hand width 7" 8" 9" 11"

Check out our selection of skateboard gloves.
If you still have questions about skateboard gloves, please visit our Skateboard Gloves Buying Guide.

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