Triple 8 Gotham Helmet

Triple 8 Gotham Baja Teal Rubber Small / Medium Skateboard Helmet - CE/CPSC Certified

SizeSmall / 20.6" - 21.3"+ size charts
Color/StyleBaja Teal Rubber

Product Information

Triple 8 Gotham Helmet

This Triple 8 Gotham Helmet features Triple 8’s patented Conehead EPS liner, which provides a lighter helmet with great energy displacement on impact, Triple Eight logo vents, grooved EPS for excellent air flow, and a subtle brim. Their renowned Sweatsaver™ Fit Pads provide added comfort, and the Adjustable Fit Dial System creates a custom fit. This Triple 8 Gotham Helmet is ideal for biking, skateboarding, in-line skating and rollerblading, and roller derby. It is U.S. CPSC Bike certified and ASTM F-1492 Skate Certified for extra protection. No other helmet comes close to the comfort, safety, and good looks of the Gotham.

NOTE: This helmet meets Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Standards.

  • One (1) Triple 8 Gotham Helmet
  • Size: Small / 20.6" - 21.3"
  • Color: Baja Teal Rubber
  • ABS Outer Shell with patented Conehead EPS liner technology providing a lighter helmet with greater energy displacement on impact
  • Dual Certified: Complies with ASTM Skate and U.S. CPSC Bike safety standards

Triple 8 Helmet Sizing Chart
To ensure a perfect fit, measure the circumference of your head starting in the middle of your forehead, then match it with the sizes below:

XS/S: 18.90 in – 21.30 in (48 cm – 54 cm)
S/M: 21.70 in – 22.80 in (55 cm – 58 cm)
L/XL: 23.20 in – 24.00 in (59 cm – 61 cm)

CPSC Certified Helmet

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Skateboard Helmet Sizing Chart

Protective Skate Gear Sizing Chart

Skateboard Helmet Sizing

An average head size for men is size 7 3/8" (using US sizing), 58 cm (using European sizing) or 7 1/8" (using UK sizing). The average head size for women is 7 1/4" (US sizing).

Properly measuring your head for a helmet

What size skateboard helmet you should buy is determined by the size of your head. It is important to note that each brands skateboard helmet size will vary; therefore, it is best to measure your head and refer to the sizing chart specific to each brand of helmet. In order to properly measure your head, follow these steps:

1. Wrap a soft tape measure around your forehead, just above your eyebrows and ears. Keep the tape measure level from the front to the back of your head. Your skateboard helmet should sit low on your forehead.
2. If you do not have a flexible tape measure, try marking a string and measuring it against a ruler.
3. If you are unable to measure your head, you can use your hat size to find the comparable skateboard helmet size in centimeters.

If the helmet is a gift or you cannot measure the skater's head, measure the inside of a current helmet or hat they wear.

Within each skateboard helmet product page there are specific measurements for each skate brand. Use that information, along with your head size, to determine your correct helmet size before placing your order. This will ensure that you receive the best fit.

Skateboard Helmets Fitting Guide

The most important thing to remember when you're skateboarding is your protective gear. To protect your head from injury, you should always wear a properly fitting skateboard helmet. You may think it's not cool to wear your helmet and pads, but now brands are conscious of your style and safety. Keep in mind that most skate parks require you to wear a helmet and pads at all times!

To protect your head, ensure that you have a properly measured your head for the perfect fitting skateboard helmet. All levels of experience, from beginner skateboarders to the pros should wear a skateboard helmet. Depending on the brand of helmet you choose, a properly fitting skateboard helmet should:

• Have protective padding
• Sit low on your forehead
• Not shift or move when skateboarding

Skateboard helmets have soft foam liners or pads that conform to your head, providing you with the comfort and protection you need to absorb collisions and falls that may occur while skateboarding.

Skateboard helmets do not last forever. You should replace your helmet when it becomes too small or damaged from wear and tear.

Skateboard helmet safety laws

The laws for skateboarding helmets vary from state-to-state. Many states require that skaters wear a helmet under a certain age, and some states like California make all skaters under 18 wear a CPSC Certified helmet at all times. CSPC skateboard helmets usually have an EPS protective liner that meets the safety standards for skateboarding. Make sure you check your state's regulations before ordering.

CPSC Certified Helmets: California requires that all skateboard helmets must meet the requirements of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Section 890.4 of the Streets and Highways Code enforces these standards in California and will not allow Warehouse Skateboards to ship non-CPSC Certified helmets to California.

What skateboard safety equipment do I need?
Skateboard Helmet, Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, Wrist Guards

Check out our selection of skateboard helmets.
If you still have questions about skateboard helmets, please visit our Skateboard Helmet Buying Guide.

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