PRO-TEC Drop In Knee Pads

PRO-TEC Drop In Black / White Small / Medium Knee Pads

SizeSmall / Medium+ size charts
Color/StyleBlack / White

Product Information

PRO-TEC Drop In Knee Pads

PRO-TEC sets the industry standard with these PRO-TEC Drop In Knee Pads. The low profile, ultra-flexible body of these PRO-TEC Drop In Knee Pads is perfect for street, park, and learning new tricks.


  • One (1) pair of PRO-TEC Drop In Knee Pads
  • Size: Small / Medium
  • Color: Black / White
  • Perfect for street, park, and learning new tricks

Pro-Tec Drop-in Knee Pad Sizing Chart
To guarantee the perfect fit, measure the lower leg in two places. A is the circumference 15cm above the knee center, and B is the circumference 15cm below the knee center.

A: 13 in – 17 in (36 cm – 45 cm) 
B: 12 in – 15 in (30 cm – 38 cm)  

A: 18 in – 22 in (46 cm – 55 cm) 
B: 14 in – 20 in (36 cm – 51 cm) 

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Skateboard Knee Pads Sizing Charts

Choosing the right skateboard knee pads

Knee Pad Sizing Chart

Skateboard knee pads are essential to protecting your body from skateboarding wipeouts. Knee pads are more lightweight than ever, providing you the flexibility and protection you need when skateboarding.

Properly measuring for knee pads

Skateboard knee pads should not restrict movement. With the skateboard pads on, test your range of motion by bending the leg at the knee, watching for restriction. In order to properly measure yourself for knee pads, follow these steps:

1. Wrap a soft tape measure around the center of your knee. Measure around your outstretched leg, either at the middle of your knee (C), at the top (A) or at the bottom of your leg where the pad will rest(B).
2. If you do not have a flexible tape measure, try marking a string and measuring it against a ruler.

Skateboard knee pad sizing charts

Small Medium Large X-Large
Weight under 125 lbs. 125 - 150 lbs. 150 - 180 lbs. 180 lbs. +

Junior Small Medium Large X-Large
Center (C) Measurement Fits Juniors 12" - 14" 14" - 16" 15" - 17" 17" - 20"

Check out our selection of skateboard knee pads.
If you still have questions about skateboard knee pads, please visit our Skateboard Knee Pads Buying Guide.

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