Zoo York’s Shades of New York Skateboard Deck Series


The Zoo York philosophy is that life in NYC offers an opportunity for discovery unrivaled in the world.  No two blocks are the same and the vibe changes from hour to hour, minute to minute.  Whether on the street above or for that matter below you’re bound to see something crazy if you keep your eyes open and your wits about you.  Good advice for photography or anything else in NYC.

A longtime friend of Zoo York, Brian Woodward began checking out punk shows in the small clubs in Jersey and NYC at a young age, always with camera in hand.  Many years later, what started, as a hobby has evolved into an all-encompassing pursuit to shoot everything he comes across.   Whether he is on the streets of NYC or on road trips seeing shows around the States he’s carrying an arsenal of cameras.

The Shades of New York series shines a light on the many characters that make up this City, day in and day out.

-Press Release ZY 4.21…We should be getting the Zoo York Shades of New York Skateboard Decks in soon…

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