Just In: Zero Skateboards Springfield Massacre Series


Meh heh! This Halloween, Zero Skateboards is doling out the tricks with the latest skateboard decks and tees, featuring The Simpsons characters running for their lives in a Springfield massacre.

Zero Skateboards James Brockman Springfield Massacre Skateboard Deck – 8.37″ x 31.9″


Debuting in 1996 as a clothing brand, Zero Skateboards evolved into a well-known skateboard and skate equipment company within the industry. Zero has a full selection of skateboard decks that fit the style of every rider, and all are equipped with slick-coated bottoms for optimal sliding on just about any type of terrain! Highly durable, Zero skateboard decks are made to cruise on any surface without the worry of wearing down. So go ahead and plan your Halloween escapades; your getaway ride will have you telling everyone you pass to eat your shorts!

Zero Skateboards Springfield Massacre Black Men’s Short Sleeve T-Shirt – Large


But the brand hasn’t forgotten its roots in the clothing industry. Zero t-shirts are perfect for completing your look while paying tribute to the brand, and you can take it a step further when you grab one of these killer designs from our shop!

Zero Skateboards Windsor James Springfield Massacre Skateboard Deck – 8.12″ x 31.7″


D’oh – hurry up and order your Zero skateboard deck and tee from Warehouse Skateboards before our shelves get cleared out!

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