Why Skate Moms Rock the Hardest


Moms are awesome. After all, it’s safe to say 99.9% of us wouldn’t be here without our mothers. But let’s face it—some moms are cooler than others, and the coolest moms are the ones who fully support their child’s love for skateboarding. This year, in honor of Mother’s Day, we’re going to finally explain exactly why skate moms rock the hardest of all. Sorry soccer moms.


1. She loves you unconditionally, and she thinks every trick you learn is the best thing ever.


Once upon a time we could barely walk, let alone ride a skateboard. For most of us, learning awesome tricks was a process, requiring many afternoons at the local skatepark. And who was driving us to those skateparks, cheering us one, encouraging us, and – okay, fine – making our boo boos all better when we inevitably failed? That’s right. Mom.

2. How do you think those pizza bagels get into your freezer? One guess.


From the six meals a day our growing bodies require, to clean t-shirts and new baseball caps, to making sure we get our homework done BEFORE we head out to practice kick flips for the thousandth time, Mom is the one making sure life runs smoothly. And, as we all know, a freezer that’s always stocked with pizza bagels is the ultimate symbol of this talent. (To everyone who thought pizza bagels grew on trees: we’re sorry to ruin the magic for you. Also, FYI: Santa Claus isn’t real either.)

3. She always laughs at your jokes, even when they’re not funny.


And here you thought you were going to be a comedian when you grew up! Nope, sorry. Bad news: your mom is the only one who thinks you’re funny. On the other hand, she really, really, really thinks you’re funny, which kind of makes up for everyone else who rolls their eyes at your clever quips and killer puns. It’s probably genetic – after all, you share DNA, so sharing a sense of humor is only natural.

4. One time she tried to ride your skateboard, and it was awesome.

While your mom probably supports your skateboarding obsession, chances are she doesn’t really have an interest in rolling around on one herself – until one day, she does. Maybe watching all the fun you were having inspired her. Maybe she had a lapse of judgement. Maybe she just wants to free her inner skater. No matter what the reason, you owe it to her to help her on this journey. (Just make sure you remember the number to 911 – skateboarding has a steep learning curve.)

5. She’s always there for you, whether you like it or not. 


Let’s face it – sometimes you get mad at your mom, and sometimes she gets mad at you (probably with good reason). Sometimes we take the people in our lives for granted, and forget to treat them like the amazing human beings they are. This Mother’s Day, make sure to tell your mom how much she rocks. Maybe even get her a card and some flowers. After all, she’s deserves to know how awesome she is!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the skater moms out there! YOU ROCK!

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