Why Dad Needs to Skate with You this Father’s Day


We all know dads are great – after all, who else is responsible for lending us a hand with the car, cracking the worst jokes known to mankind, and throwing around the football from time to time? A person that’s so great ought to be let in on all of life’s more enjoyable things, so this Father’s Day, the Warehouse Skateboards staff wants to give you our reasons why you should share your love of skateboarding with your old man!

He’s watched you for years – let Dad have some fun!

Just because he’s “dear old Dad” to you doesn’t mean he isn’t willing to get out and try new and adventurous things. Invite him to test out your skateboard and offer to teach him a trick or two. Skateboarding is a fun, challenging way to get in some exercise and hone some fine motor skills, so it’s bound to be a great experience for the both of you to get outside and give it a shot.

Familial wisdom goes both ways.

Chances are, your dad has at some point imparted some crucial wisdom to help you over one of life’s big hurdles. Now’s your chance to return the favor! It may not be tips for getting ahead in school or the best way to drive to the family’s favorite vacation spot, but who knows? Coaching Dad on a skateboard and teaching him a new trick might be one of the first times in your life that you get to gift him with a life lesson instead of the other way around.

It’s all about having fun.

You probably heard this sometime in your earlier years whenever you tried out a new sport: it’s all about having fun. The scores don’t matter in the long run, nor if you were all that good at playing the game, as long as you enjoyed it. Even more likely is that your dad said this to you during those less than victorious baseball tournaments or when you shot the wrong basket on the court. When you and he go out on a skateboard this weekend, it’s an opportunity for you both to get out and have fun together, even if one of you winds up with a gnarly bruise or a sore muscle.

But the most important reason to get out there and skate with your dad this Father’s Day? Skate dads are even more awesome than any other kind of dad out there for the sole reason of being willing to try something new and to enjoy a sport with their kids. So this Father’s Day weekend, get your dad outside to skate with you and tag us in all the awesome photos and videos that make it to your social media pages!

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