WHS Rider Kyle Wilkerson at Woodward Contest


Kyle Wilkerson’s Dad sent us some sick pictures and information on Kyle’s latest CASL stop at Woodward. Read below to get the scoop.

The February contest at Woodward was postponed due to snow at Woodward the weekend it was originally scheduled for. When CASL goes to Woodward they run two contests, one for NorCal and one for SoCal. Skaters can do both if they would like to. Saturday was an okay day for Kyle. He was trying out some new stuff in his runs, and came un-stuck in both runs and got 5th. He was able to practice Saturday evening and had all his tricks nailed. The 12 and under sponsored division is a tough one, and he had a perfect first run on Sunday morning, and came unglued on run two. He got third on Sunday, and did really good. Woodward is a tough set-up and top 5 is always a good placement.

Click on any of the thumbnails below to see the full size image.

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