Where Did Kick Scooters Come From?


A Brief History of Scooters

It’s crazy to think how much kick scooters have changed in the past 100 years. The first kick scooter literally was a small piece of wood attached to roller skate wheels. These kids—yep, youngins created kick scooters!—hooked wood onto a handlebar and, voila!, a new, fun way of getting around was born. This later went on to maturate other kinds of bikes which help the disabled. And only here you can find such examples which, though in their rudimentary state, embody the pioneering ideas of how these scooters came into existence. Today, scooters have changed the way many people do their daily commute. With hundreds of scooters to choose from, it has become somewhat harder to get the right one. Kennith Miller of have reviewed the best of these scooters as he is a pro on skateboards, bikes, and scooters. He reported that scooters have a huge impact on rethinking the way we move throughout the city traffic daily.

Scooters are awesome, but fell behind the bicycle, rollerskate, and skateboard craze. Kids were looking for different ways to get around, and more quickly, which explains why bicycles were so popular. Scooter diehards tweaked the designs here and there, and it wasn’t until 1990 that Wim Ouboter jumped in and revamped the way scooters looked and functioned. Ouboter’s sister had a really hard time riding a bike because one of her legs was shorter than the other, and he wanted to create something special and practical for her.

Ouboter realized wooden scooters didn’t really hold up to the weather, so he kept the design but made them a bit sturdier. He used smaller wheels, too, and his design paved the way for new, more modern scooters. To combat that clunky noise and improve durability, designers started using aluminum to build scooters. This was great for riders in two ways: it improved safety (riders could hear traffic!) and the way you looked while you rode (no more clunky-ness!).

What’s Hot Right Now

There are a ton of popular brands out there, and the variety of scooters is crazy impressive. You can literally pick any color and any style you can think of. Scooters can come preassembled (called scooter completes, just in case you didn’t know!), or you can build your own (and pick from different scooter decks, scooter wheels, scooter bars, scooter forks, scooter brakes and scooter clamps.) All of the choices you make depend on your own style—personal and riding. Warehouse Skateboards carries the best at the moment: Lucky Scooters, Madd Gear Scooters, Razor Scooters, and Phase Two Scooters. We’re loving how the style of riding has changed over time, from a more “get from point A to point B” to “hey, I wonder what kind of air I can get from riding this rail?”

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