Warehouse Skateboards Team Rider Kyle Wilkerson


We just an update on what Warehouse Skateboards Team Rider Kyle Wilkerson has been up to these last couple of weeks. Over the last three weeks Kyle has competed in the San Clemente Skate Contest and the Cal Am Skate League (CASL) in Bell Gardens.


The San Clemente Skate Contest proved to be a challenge to Kyle as he was able to land some great tricks in both his runs including a huge tre flip which sent the crowd into a roar, however was unable to put an entire run together. Kyle ended up finishing in 5th place. After an unsatisfying finish, Kyle was determined to come into the next contest full throttle. The CASL event at Bell Gardens was up next.


Coming off a nasty heel bruise he suffered while skating a couple of nights before, Kyle was unwilling to let the injury prevent him from going big. Kyle was able to put down two really solid runs that everyone deemed was worthy of 2nd place, except for the judges. Kyle ended up in 5th place again in what would be one of the most drama filled events in his career. Two 5th place finishes in a row is not going to stop Kyle Wilkerson.


Next up for Kyle is a contest at SkateLab in a few weeks, with the Van’s contest after and then wrapping up at Woodward West. We at Warehouse Skateboards are looking forward Kyle to bringing home the hardware in the coming weeks.

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