Ultimate Boarder Contest – Skate, Surf, Snow Triathlon


Do you have that I can do it all attitude? Well the perfect contest has come along to put your board sport skills to the test. Thats right, a skate, surf and snow triathlon.

“There is only one triathlon on the planet that brings together the world’s best surfers, skaters and snowboarders. From a classic California reef break, to a picturesque snow covered mountain, all ending on a custom designed skate ramp, The Ultimate Boarder Championship challenges the best crossover athletes in action sports.

Opening the field to both amateur and professional athletes, the competition became a reality in 2008, giving riders a chance to compete for the Ultimate Boarder Champion title and a first place prize of $30,000. The event was born and the riders were given the opportunity to prove not only to themselves and each other, but to the rest of the world, they have what it takes to become the best all around boarder in surf, skate and snow.

The competition format was designed in three stages (one per discipline), as each competitor would be judged on an individual basis. At the completion of each stage in the event, competitors would become ranked first through 50th place (or total number of athletes). The competitor who consistently placed the highest in all three disciplines, and had the lowest number in ranking points overall, would be crowned the Ultimate Boarder Champion. The only way to be included in the final event results and prize purse, however, was for the rider to compete in each of these three disciplines.”

Go to Ultimate Boarder to register and learn more about the event.

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