TWS Top 10 Comeback Skaters of 2010


Transworld Mag put out an excellent article in their October 2010 Issue on the top ten comeback skaters of 2010. Everyone loves a good comeback story! Here is an excerpt from the article and the top ten below. Go to Transworld’s Site or pick up the October Issue to read more on it.

“Everybody loves a comeback. Redemption speaks to our deepest primal instincts. Watching a fellow human overcome seemingly insurmountable odds gives us hope that we too might summon the inner strength to stand up and get heroic. Life will throw you curveballs regardless of what league you step up to bat in. As the old adage goes, the true measure of a person is not what they accomplish when things are in their favor; rather, true character is measured by what we accomplish when the chips are stacked against us. Professional skateboarding has seen its share of inspirational story lines over the past 40-plus years. Here are ten good ones. Don’t stop believing.” – Transworld Mag

1. Pete Eldridge
2. Guy Mariano
3. Shiloh Greathouse
4. Christian Hosoi
5. Matt Beach
6. Jeff Grosso
7. Henry Sanchez
8. John Cardiel
9. Peter Smolik
10. Bastien Salabanzi

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