Top 10 Reasons to Shop at Warehouse Skateboards


Why should I buy my new deck from Warehouse Skateboards? I hear it from customers on occasion and I give them the simple answer, “Because we are the best, period!” I’m sure that is probably not the answer they are looking for, but it just feels so appropriate. So for all the Warehouse Skateboard loyalists, here are the ten down and dirty reasons to shop at Warehouse Skateboards!

1. We have made buying a skateboard dummy proof for most people. Sorry some of you are just hopeless.

2. Charlie Sheen buys skateboards from us. That makes us legit, right?

3. Chris Evans aka Charlie Storm from Fantastic Four is skating our Warehouse Robot Complete in his new movie. That’s cool right?

4. You can talk to us on Live Chat about nothing skateboard related, at least that’s what most people think.

5. We have such a wide selection that there literally is a skateboard for every type of skater.

6. In every order we put a handful of free stickers. Yes, calm down it’s only free stickers.

7. You can use our Filter Navigation to find the 60mm, 80a Pink Wheels that will match your Skate Deck. Don’t laugh we get this a lot.

8. Have we mentioned how great the customer service is? No, well try us.

9. We keep you updated daily with Blog posts, Facebook updates and Twitter tweets about discount codes, skateboarding news and disturbing YouTube videos.

10. …And I guess we will throw in that we have the best prices online!

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