These Skateboarding Animals Are Ready to Go Pro


Has anyone ever told you that you skate like an animal? It’s supposed to be a compliment, but in the case of these critters it’s a bit more literal. From a pudgy pig, to a not-so-slow turtle, to a deck full of puppies, these animals know how to skate with style. Check them out and who knows – you might just learn a few things!

This bulldog is having way too much fun.

Forget slow and steady – this turtle is in it to win it!

This cat has some serious moves 27 seconds in.

Goats will do anything for a snack.

Not only does this chimp know some awesome tricks, but he’s got the skater look down, too!

Who are you calling a pig?!

What’s better than a puppy on a skateboard? THREE PUPPIES ON A SKATEBOARD.

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