How to build a complete skateboard at Warehouse Skateboards

Here are some step-by-step instructions for assembling your new complete skateboard: Here’s what you’ll need: Gripped skateboard deck Skateboard hardware Skateboard trucks (2) Skateboard bearings (2 for each wheel, 8 total) Skateboard wheels (4) Screwdriver Skate tool If you haven’t done so already, pop through the screw holes in your deck. There should be eight…

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Check out Warehouse Skateboards new do-it-yourself skateboard videos!

New to building your own complete skateboard? Warehouse Skateboards just uploaded some instructional videos to make sure you get your gear together the right way. Even pros might learn some helpful tricks for fast and easy skateboard assembly. Check it out! Here’s what you’ll need: Skateboard Deck Skateboard Grip tape File or Screwdriver Razor blade…

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Element Skateboards’ “Bams or Bust” video live today!

Check out Element Skateboards’ new feature, “Bams or Bust,” starring Bam, Mike V, Darrell Stanton, Brent Atchley, Chad Tim Tim, Collin Provost, and Brandon Novak. Filmed at Bam’s compound in Pennsylvania, the video showcases the skate sessions and general craziness. Check out the preview: Then head over to the Element Skateboards site to see the…

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