Oh Cake Skateboard Co.

SWEET New Brand: Oh Cake Skateboard Co.


Who doesn’t love dessert?! Oh Cake Skateboard Co. is a brand new brand with some tasty skate goods for your stick. Choose your flavor from a huge variety of delicious skate wax to add some sweetness to your curbs. Whether you’re craving cookies, cakes, or popsicles – Oh Cake will satisfy all taste buds. Plus, you DO-NUT want to miss out on adding some of their dough blend wheels available in lots of sizes. Sugar coat your skateboard with this luscious brand and hitting the streets will be a piece-of-cake!

Some of our favorite treats:

OhCake Chocolate Chip Cookies Skate Wax

Oh Cake skateboard wax

OhCake Frosted Donut Skate Wax

Oh Cake skateboard wax

OhCake XL Cake Skate Wax

Oh Cake skateboard wax


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