Just In: Suicidal Skates Pool Skater Skateboard Deck Series


Halloween sure does bring out some interesting characters, like the quirky pool skater featured in the Pool Skater skateboard deck series from Suicidal Skates! This daring depiction will have you grabbing your skateboard and rushing off to the nearest skate park or pool in no time.

Suicidal Skates Pool Skater Black Gloss Skateboard Deck – 8.62″ x 32.5″


Founded by the same owners of Dogtown Skateboards – Jim and Mike Muir – Suicidal Skates works in conjunction with this distributor to bring skaters of all skill levels quality skateboard decks, completes, apparel, and extra accessories to enjoy while they master new tricks and moves.

Suicidal Skates Pool Skater White Gloss Skateboard Deck – 8.5″ x 32.75″


Constructed from sturdy 7 ply maple and classically shaped with a spoon nose and a concave reminiscent of the ‘80s skateboard deck designs, Suicidal Skates’ skateboard decks are adaptable and free for just about any customization option favored by the skater. The company keeps their boards simple with minimal graphics so their wood stain finishes – like the gloss greyscale options in this series – take center stage.

Suicidal Skates Pool Skater Reissue Grey Old School Skateboard Deck – 10″ x 30″


These simply awesome skateboard decks won’t last long on Warehouse Skateboards’ shelves! Order your Pool Skater deck from Suicidal Skates today and customize it with some free grip tape on us.

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