Skateboards: Getting Started


We get pretty excited at the sheer thought of someone getting on a skateboard for the very first time. We remember what it’s like to stare at different parts and accessories wondering what we needed, and the rush we felt buying a skateboard for the first time. How do you even begin making selections? There is a ton of opportunity and combinations for you (if you’re a beginner OR experienced!), so we’ve mapped out some key things to think about when you’re first starting out.


Deciding which type of skateboarding you’ll be doing is the first thing to consider. Are you street skating, ripping the skate park, pools or just learning your basic flip tricks? If yes, then shortboards (measuring 28” to 32”) are for you. If you’re more interested in getting from point A to B, longboards are shaped to give you a wider, more stable stance while cruising, carving, or riding downhill. This is also a good option if you’d like to eventually compete in slalom and downhill racing.


Pre-assembled skateboard completes are an awesome option if you’re new to skateboarding or aren’t quite ready to build your own custom skateboard. Warehouse has everything you need to build custom skateboards as well. This is a basic list of what you’ll need to build your own skateboard:


1. Skateboard deck
2. Skateboard trucks (two trucks)
3. Skateboard wheels (four wheels)
4. Skateboard bearings (two per wheel, eight total)
5. Skateboard hardware (set of eight bolts and nuts)
6. Skateboard grip tape
7. Riser pads (set of two)


From there, you’ll make some more decisions: decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, etc. Warehouse has the largest selection of skateboards and skateboard parts, and our main guy Graham lives and breathes skateboards. If you ever have questions about the process or our products, hit us up on the Warehouse Skateboard Facebook or give us a call.


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