Skateboard wheels: Roll with the right ones


The right skateboard wheels can be the difference between a smooth right and a wipe out. Where and how you skate will determine what kind of wheels you need.

Here’s are some of the terms you’ll see when you’re shopping for wheels, what they mean for your ride, and how to make the right selection for your skateboard.


Durometer is a measurement of hardness and durability for wheels. Hard wheels equal speed and durability with less grip. Soft wheels have the best grip with less speed and durability.

Here’s a list of common durometers and what kind of skating they’re best for:

  • 87A – For rough surfaces, longboards or street boards that need lots of grip.
  • 95A – Similar to 87A, but slightly harder and faster. You’ll sacrifice a bit of grip, but the grip’s still good.
  • 97A – Good speed and good grip. Good all-around street, ramp, park wheels. Best durometer for beginners.
  • 100A – Hardest and fastest, but poor grip. Not good on very rough surfaces (no shock absorption) or on very slick surfaces (no grip).


Keep in mind when choosing wheel size: the smaller the wheel the slower, while larger equals faster.

  • 52-55 MM – Slow but stable, and good for trick riding and smaller riders. Not good for longboards.
  • 56-60 MM – Good all-around size. Good for big and small riders on ramp, park, and street.
  • 60+MM – Good for big riders, longboards, old-school boards, high speed, and rougher surfaces.

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