Seismic Skate Systems introduces its classic 3DM-brand wheel shapes


Seismic 3DM

“In early 2008, we introduced a standardized color scheme for all of our Seismic-brand wheels,” said Seismic founder and owner Dan Gesmer. “Translucent orange soft, blue medium, purple hard and (sometimes) black smoke extra-hard.”

“Ever since then, I’ve wanted to offer our classic 3DM-brand shapes in the same colors, but using beautiful clear urethane. And we’ve finally done it!”

The 62mm Cambria, 68mm Avalon, and 75mm Avila are now all available in clear orange, clear blue and clear purple, as well as clear vintage red.

“Since the 75mm Avila is so popular among racers and carvers,” Gesmer added, “we’ve also introduced this shape in three new color/duro combinations featuring our high-performance Black Ops™ urethane”: 77A translucent blue, 81A translucent purple, and 85A translucent black “smoke.”

Seismic Skate Systems Press Release

You can get the 3DM Cambria now at Warehouse Skateboards.

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