Just In: Sector 9 Roshambo Complete Skateboard Series


We’re certainly feeling some good vibes now that the warmer temperatures and sunny afternoons seem to be sticking around! And with Sector 9’s latest complete skateboard series, the Roshambo, you can, too. In fact, we’ll even bet a round of rock-paper-scissors on it. Ready, set, shoot!

Sector 9 Roshambo Ninety Five Cruiser Complete Skateboard – 8.37″ x 30.5″


Founded in 1993, Sector 9 is a California-based skateboard company. What started as a backyard business grew into a highly sought-after brand that warranted its own factory and production. Sector 9 is known in the industry for its powerhouse skateboards and longboards, completely outfitted with hardware and grip tape or available as new decks for customization. Tailored for all levels and skill sets, the brand’s complete skateboards and longboards can withstand the test of durability, and are up for testing lots of tricks at the skate park. These cruisers are nice and versatile, perfect for longer stretches of easy skating or for shredding outside when you want to get a specific move down just right.

Sector 9 Roshambo Bat Ray Cruiser Complete Skateboard – 7.75″ x 26.25″


While Sector 9 is usually known for stocking boards in bright, fun neon colors and imaginative designs, these also take us back to the days when any dispute could be settled with your best two out of three. The rules aren’t complicated, and anyone can play. But beware – everything has a weakness!

Sector 9 Roshambo Fat Wave Cruiser Complete Skateboard – 9.8″ x 30″


We heard that Sector 9 wanted to sell hoverboards in the future, we will keep you informed. Although, want to know which is best hoverboard under 300 dollars in 2020? We found this cool website, check it out. These Roshambo complete skateboards won’t last long on Warehouse Skateboards’ shelves. In fact, we’ve already had a few takers! Be sure to order yours soon so you don’t miss out.

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