Save The Turf “An Old Midwest Skate Mecca”


WITI-TV, MILWAUKEE: FOX 6 NEWS – There’s an effort by skateboarders from around the Midwest to save a skate park that was unearthed when a construction project began clearing debris from the land. That skate park was once known as The Turf. It was built on a piece of land near I-894 and Loomis Rd. in Greenfield (a suburb of Milwaukee).

On Thursday, dozens of people came to the site of what used to be a mecca of Midwestern skateboarding. They cleared clear stone and rubble from the old concrete bowls that once made up The Turf only to have construction crews erase their work Friday morning. A Dept. of Transportation spokesperson says it was done for safety reasons.

Some of the skaters got an opportunity to talk with the Mayor of Greenfield about what would become of the old site of The Turf. Mayor Michael Neitzke indicated he has to look out for the best interest of the taxpayers of Greenfield. He could not promise The Turf would be saved.

Skaters say the design of the concrete bowls at The Turf was as simple as it was ingenious. But skating’s bowl era faded. As the sport moved to the streets in the mid 1990s, The Turf was closed.

Businesses set up shop on top of the park, and now road construction cleared those businesses out. For the first time in 15 years, the footprint of The Turf is visible.

The skaters that frequented The Turf are now in their 30s and 40s, and they look at the site like it’s an archeological dig. The skaters came in numbers with shovels in their hands, memories in their hearts to preserve a piece of history that was thought to be lost.

In removing the rubble, they’re discovering themselves in a place called The Turf.

The skaters say they hope they can save, and restore the park. If that’s not possible they just want one more chance to ride.

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