Ryan Sheckler Shredding the Streets of Cali


Earlier this week, Ryan Sheckler, Zared Bassett and Torey Pudwill were absolutely shredding the famous streets of San Francisco, California.  However, Ryan Sheckler decided to do things a little bit differently.  In what seems to be a real life Tony Hawk Pro Skater level, Sheckler performs one of the most unique lines we’ve ever seen here at Warehouse Skateboards. Keep in mind the streets of San Francisco are some of the most feared hills to conquer in America.  Add in some tractor trailers, over car ramps and humongous launch ramps and you got yourself a street course made for the legends.  Did we mention he does it all in one continuous line with 49mm wheels?  Keep yourself updated and check out the video below!  Also be sure to check out Ryan Sheckler’s new Plan B skateboard decks on our website!

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