Razor Scooters Are All The Rage


Razor scooters are one of those things that you definitely have heard of even if you’ve never been on a scooter in your life. They took the scoot scene by storm in 2000 with a fresh new design that made moving around and transporting your scooters super easy. Their lightweight, collapsible aluminum scooter transformed scootering and made it popular for mainstream again. They’ve got a bunch of different designs and styles for any personality of scooter parts and accessories: kick scooters, pro accessories, electric ride ones, electric scooters, and their very own RipStik. Their award-winning scooters and electric scooters are widely available in stores and through online retailers like Warehouse Skateboards.


Check out some sweet footage and tricks from Team Razor riders John Radtke, Jason Beggs, and Chris Gascoigne:


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