Plastic Skateboards, Get Em While They’re Hot


Recently, everyone seems to be cruising around on plastic skateboards and a number of skateboard brands are producing them now. Some of the most notable plastic skateboard brands currently are Penny Skateboards, Stereo Skateboards and Globe Skateboards. These plastic cruiser skateboards are extremely popular right now and are made from super strong and flexible materials (we’ve seen one get run over by a car and didn’t break, try that with your wood cruiser). With each brand offering these new plastic skateboards, you’ll find they come in different sizes ranging from 6″ wide by 22″ long up to 7.5″ wide and 27″ long. You can find these complete skateboards in almost any color combination imaginable to suit whatever your tastes are. Be sure to grab one of these boards for some Fall weather sidewalk cruisin’ or put it on the Christmas List for Santa.

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