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After years of reforming, redesigning, rehiring and reorganizing (allow me to catch a breath)… Plan B has finally released a trailer for what some people are claiming is “the most anticipated skate film of the year.” I know what you’re thinking. “Great. Another skate video that I’ll pay 20 bucks for and only watch once or twice.”  In an era of digital magazines, YouTube channels and a continuous feed of video posts on Facebook it’s hard to imagine anybody actually calling a skate video “epic” anymore. It’s harder than ever for a company to produce a skate film that people are actually going to pay for. Epic tricks are being landed by kids without sponsors and everybody and their mothers are seeing it without having to pay a dime.  No big film production. No soundtrack rights. No Spike Jonze CGI tomfoolery. So why exactly is everybody so hyped up on the new Plan B video?


Rewind back to 2007.  Can you remember what video was playing on repeat in your local skate shop?  We’re guessing it was Lakai’s “Fully Flared.”  Why?  Because at that point in skateboarding, Lakai had a powerhouse of a team…Koston, MJ, Howard, Carroll, Mike Mo, Guy Mariano (who at the time, had been missing from the skate scene for about ten years) and a couple handfuls of other legendary skaters.  Much like Lakai back in 2007, Plan B is known for having an incredible team of talent.  Before Rodney Mullen owned Almost, before Howard and Carroll owned Girl and Chocolate, before Matt Hensley was riding Black Label and screaming verses with Flogging Molly, they were known as the Plan B team (along with skating legends Danny Way, Pat Duffy and Colin McKay.)


After the untimely death of Plan B’s owner, Plan B relaunched itself in 2005 with an array of new and promising talent.  The new team consisted of Danny Way, Colin Mckay, Pat Duffy, PJ Ladd, Ryan Gallant, Brian Wenning and now Paul Rodriguez.  Later on Ryan Sheckler was recruited, solidifying Plan B as a contest winning super-team.  However, Gallant and Wenning later left in 2010, soon followed by the addition of Torey Pudwill.


Between 2010 and 2012, news started spreading that Plan B was in the process of making a skate film.  This would be the first full-length film Plan B ever released with their new team.  Sometime during January 2013, Plan B released a teaser featuring Pudwill skating and claimed that the release was scheduled for the summer of 2013.  Skip ahead a few months to July 2013.  As guessed, Plan B is in the headlines of every skate magazine and website…but for wrong reasons.  Paul Rodriguez, who had helped grow and maintain Plan B’s reputation, announced that he was leaving Plan B to start his own company (which later became Primitive Skateboards.)


Rodriguez had thrown not a wrench, but an entire toolbox into the spokes of Plan B’s film production.  Plan B remained out of the spotlight until November 2013, when they finally bumped up Felipe Gustavo to their pro team.  However, Plan B still remained off the grid as far as their film was coming along.   Until now.  Check out the video trailer below.  Board stomping.  Danny Way ripping the mega ramp.  Sheckler standing up on a moped.  Cameras being smashed to smithereens.  We’re pretty excited for this one.

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