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    Just In: Penny Longboards

    August 17, 2015

    If you’re looking for confidence, control, and pure, unadulterated freedom, look no further than the brand new Penny longboards. They’re Penny’s latest and longest addition, built to take you anywhere you want, from downtown to uptown to urban areas to skate parks, all with the utmost precision. These longboards are highly responsive with just the right amount of flex,…

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  • WHS-BLOG-Back-to-Cool

    Forget Back to School. This year Warehouse Skateboards is headed Back to Cool, and you’re invited to save up to 30% off! Here’s how it works. We’ve handpicked 50 of the most awesome items from our website and created a definitive list that includes everything you’ll need to play it cool this school year. Flannel shirts…

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  • IMG_4081

    You love Warehouse Skateboards. Now you can show the world how devoted you are to your favorite skateboard supplier by rocking one of our sweet new t-shirts! With bold colors, exciting graphics, and fabric so soft you’ll want to skate in it AND sleep in, our t-shirts are 100% awesome. Are we biased? Of course!…

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  • Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 2.33.27 PM

    Since 1990, Alien Workshop has been a skateboard company that operates on its own terms. creating a different type of skateboard company. Because the company has deliberately isolated itself in its Ohio-based, subterranean headquarters, it’s not easily influenced by current trends. While some people may have thought the company disbanded last year, the rumors weren’t true. The…

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  • BLOG-skate-happy-hour

    All summer long, Warehouse Skateboards is hosting the best Happy Hour around. If you’re worried, don’t be – you don’t have to be a certain age to participate, the damage to your bank account will be minimal, and it won’t give you a headache in the morning. Which means that beginning at 3PM Eastern time every…

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  • Unknown

    This weekend is the USA’s birthday, and we want you to celebrate by spending your hard-earned cash! If you thought nothing could be more American, hold on to your skateboards. From July 2 to July 5, you’ll also save 17.76% on anything red, white, or blue! (For everyone who fell asleep in history class, America was born in…

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  • go-skateboarding-day

    It’s here! It’s here! Go Skateboarding Day is (almost) here! For all the newbies out there, Go Skateboarding Day takes place annually on June 21, and it’s the official skateboarding holiday. It began in 2004 as an excuse for skateboarders to make skateboarding their top priority. Back then, it consisted of a few simple skate sessions and BBQs. Today, it’s a…

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