Open a Cold One….WITH YOUR BOARD!


Have you ever opened up a cold one with your cruiser? We here at Warehouse Skateboards have found quite a few ways to use our boards in ways not originally intended but Santa Cruz has just made our life easier. Santa Cruz and Pabst Brewing Company teamed up to bring your all time favorite American suds to skateboarding. The new Santa Cruz PBC Cruzer series feature real man favorites like Colt 45 (Afroman not included), Lone Star, Olympia, Primo, Schlitz and the heavy weight champ of 1893, Pabst Blue Ribbon. The best part about this series (besides the sick graphics) is that they come with an inlaid bottle opener! No more trips to the dentist after trying to impress your buds by opening a bottle with your teeth, just go right to the bottom of your new Santa Cruz Cruzer and pop the top with ease.

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