New Shut Skateboards 5 Points Collection


We’re big fans of the folks at Shut Skateboards, so we were super stoked to the get their latest series on the shelves. The Shut Skateboards 5 Points Collection is one for the books. With five colors to choose from and a dope pattern featuring Shut’s iconic top hat and cross bones, it’s eye-catching and cool. We know what your’e thinking – shut up and take my money! But first, how about we preview these killer decks?

Shut Skateboards 5 Points Black Tie Skateboard Deck – 7.5″ x 32″

Shut Skateboards 5 Points Cartier Skateboard Deck – 7.75″ x 32″


Shut Skateboards 5 Points Hermes Skateboard Deck – 8″ x 32″


Shut Skateboards 5 Points Louis Skateboard Deck – 8.3″ x 32″


Shut Skateboards 5 Points Tiffany Skateboard Deck – 8.12″ x 32″


The first skateboard company based in New York City, Shut Skateboards has been providing top performing skating gear and apparel since 1986. The brand has a long history in the east coast skateboarding scene, and they continue to support the growth of NYC skating. Shut manufactures some of the toughest skateboard decks around. They’re designed, shaped, and pressed by a team of passionate riders. Shut skateboard decks feature a variety of black and white graphics representing the NYC scene including the Empire State Building, bridges, and the city skyline. They also have boards displaying the Shut logo in various sizes and font types. If you have a deep love for NYC, you won’t be disappointed with these boards!

Choose your favorite color and grab your piece of the 5 Points collection before they’re all gone!

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