Brand Spotlight: The Killing Floor Skateboards


Founded in 2009, The Killing Floor brand was inspired by musical genres such as old blues, jazz and classic rock. They truly value “the simpler times when skateboarding was purely an individual’s creative outlet and form of self expression.” The founders of this brand believe skateboarding is not a sport, but rather a form of art. We could not agree more, guys.

And great news—you can now purchase products from The Killing Floor at Warehouse Skateboards. Their decks feature a variety of real-life graphics representing astronomy, science and good versus evil. With decks like these, your board will definitely stand out.


The Killing Floor Lunar Skateboard Deck – 8″ x 32″


The Killing Floor Lunar Skateboard Deck – 8.18″ x 32″


The Killing Floor Lunar Skateboard Deck – 8.38″ x 32″


The Killing Floor Night Tripper Skateboard Deck – 8.5″ x 32″

Made from traditional 7 ply maple, The Killing Floor skateboard decks are also built to last using solid construction. We’re excited to see what their Spring 2015 season brings. Stay up to date with all products from The Killing Floor at Warehouse Skateboards, offering the largest online selection of skateboards. We carry hundreds of brands of completes, decks, wheels, trucks, clothing and more.


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