New Brand: DryCASE


This season are you ready to your next adventure? do you have your backpacks ready! Well if not, you better get ready! As we gear up for a season of spring showers, one thing is clear: you’re probably gonna get caught in the rain at some point. While a good soak every now and then never hurt anyone, your smartphones, tablets, and laptops might disagree. Enter the coolest new brand on the Warehouse Skateboards shelves: DryCASE.

DryCase 10 Liter DECA Black Waterproof Dry Bag


DryCASE provides the world’s outdoor enthusiast with epic waterproof products that work and play just as hard as you do. Created after ruining a phone during a contract, the founders of DryCASE knew there was a better way to protect their belongings through their vacuum sealed, waterproofing technologies. The vacuum seal takes all the air out of the case so there’s no way water can enter.

DryCase 35 Liter Brunswick Shadow Grass Blades Camo Waterproof Backpack


Best of all, you can still access every element of your smartphone or tablet, because the vacuum seal allows full use of your touch screen, thanks to the flush fit of the plastic. DryCASE also features a 3-way headphone jack, which allows you to use both stereo headphones and microphone without risking water damage. This means you can listen to music and even take calls, all while your electronics are sealed and fully protected.

DryCase 40 Liter Snow’s Cut Grey Insulated Soft Cooler


And because it’s completely crystal clear on both sides, you can even take photos of all the awesome stuff you see while out on adventures. Finally, DryCASE features a neoprene armband, which can be used to attach the product to convenient places, such as your arm or the console of a boat.

DryCase DryCASE Waterproof Smart Phone Case & DryBUDS Fusion Sport Headset Combo


We love a lot of things about DryCASE, not least of which is the wide variety of waterproof items they make. Whether you need a dry bag, a backpack, a cooler, or a waterproof smartphone case so you can Snapchat from the middle of the ocean, DryCASE will be there for you.

The future of waterproof products is here. Protect what matters and play harder than ever with DryCASE on your side.

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